Hello there lovelies! I'm really sorry for the long hiatus. I had this little accident a few days ago. Okay, let me share it with you.

My closet's door gave up and unfortunately, it landed straight to my face. It was supposed to hit me on the back of my head but when it was about to fall, I looked back because I heard an "eek". And imagine it's as approximately as heavy as 2 Webster's Encyclopedia. It happened so fast. Its corner hit my left eye. Bull's eye indeed. Luckily I had closed my eye really really hard when it hit me. Because if I didn't, my eyeballs would've been injured too. Gaaah I can't imagine that. Because of the impact, I had this terrible headache and nausea. My eyes have swollen and I gained some cut on my eyebrow and eye bag area. It's not pretty at all. So I'm wishing that this would heal really soon so I can take decent photos for my blog again. Hope y'all understand. I missed you to bits. xx


  1. that's a sad news!!!
    get well soon!


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