Pokémon GO is now a certified worldwide phenomenon. It is a location-based mobile game developed by Niantic Labs in partnership with Nintendo affiliate The Pokemon Company. The mobile game allows players to catch Pokemon or "pocket monsters" as if in real life using the GPS and camera of their smartphones.

The game is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, and select European countries. It has yet to launch in any Asian country, including Japan where the original Pokemon game originated.

BE UPDATED with Pokémon GO via freenet

Filipinos keenly anticipating the launch of Pokemon GO can now stay updated on the upcoming release of the game in the Philippines. Filipinos can fully enjoy the game when it launches with the help of freenet and PayMaya.

Stay updated about the upcoming release of the game in the Philippines by downloading the freenet app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Through freenet, Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers will be able to read the latest news and social media feeds from the local Pokemon GO community for free and with no data charges.

This is part of freenet’s mission to enable communities who are eager to play Pokemon GO to stay active and participate in various activities and discussions through digital means.

This follows the successful livestreaming of President Rodrigo Duterte’s inauguration and the Gilas Pilipinas FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament games through freenet. It is a gateway for Filipinos to be digitally present in these historic events even if they are not physically able to do so.

Purchase Pokecoins with PayMaya

Meanwhile, once the Pokemon GO app launches in the Philippines, players will be able to fully enjoy the game through in-app purchases with the help of PayMaya, the easiest way to pay online even without a credit card. With the help of Pokecoins, players can purchase items that will help them easily navigate the game.

Here are the simple steps on how to purchase Pokecoins with PayMaya:

1. Players need to download PayMaya app thru Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
2. Load up your accounts with at least P60 to cover the standard app store verification fee. (below are the details on how to load your account)
3. Link you virtual VISA card to your app store accounts to be able to make in-app purchases for Pokecoins, the in-app currency used inside the Pokemon GO game.

Here are the items you can buy with Pokecoins:

  • Pokeballs- this can be used to catch Pokemon with.
  • Pokemon eggs- allow them to “hatch” Pokemon.
  • Potions- to restore the health of their Pokemon
  • Incense and Lure Modules- make it easy to attract wild Pokemon to their immediate vicinity.

How to load your PayMaya account:

  • Players can easily load up at any of the over 15,000 PayMaya reloading stations nationwide that include SM Malls Business Centers, Robinsons Department Stores, Bayad Centers, 7-Eleven stores with Cliqq kiosks, TouchPay Kiosks, and Smart Padala Centers, on top of online banking via BDO.

Aside from the mobile app, PayMaya customers can also opt to have their own PayMaya physical prepaid card which can be used in brick-and-mortar stores worldwide that accept Visa. A variant also comes with its own beep wallet, allowing users to ride the MRT, LRT, some city buses and other beep-powered transportation for their daily commute, so they can easily explore the city in search of wild Pokemon!

For more information about PayMaya and how users can get their own PayMaya card, visit www.paymaya.com. To know more about the free and fun way to connect through freenet, visit www.freenet.ph.


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