Chinese food will always be one of my comfort food. I am always thankful for the local restaurants here in Davao City who serve delicious (if not 100% authentic) Chinese food. It just makes me happy. I first tried Dimyum Restaurant during their soft opening. They served us with dumplings, Xiao Long Bao and other different dishes. You can check the photos below.

Dimyum Xiao Long Bao

Dimyum Roasted Chicken
Dimyum Restaurant
Dimyum Beef Rendang
Dimyum Pork Asado
Dimyum Seafood
Dimyum Seafood Restaurant
Dimyum Tropical Fruit Salad
Dimyum Menu
Dimyum Menu
Dimyum Menu
Dimyum Menu

Dimyum Menu
It was delicious! I will definitely go back if ever I'll crave for Chinese food. Plus, their Matcha Buchi is a must-try. 

**I visited Dimyum Restaurant quite a lot of times already after their opening. They also have different menu now. I cannot believe I forgot to take a photo of it. I guess I was just too focused with the food. Haha! But I will make sure to get a copy of it on my next visit. Keep updated!

Visit DimYum Davao at Sobrecarey Street, Obrero
Davao City, Philippines.


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