Summer is my favourite season. I am living in a tropical country and a city with lots of beautiful beaches so it is difficult not to. If you know me in real life, you know how much I love the sunshine. Now that summer is fast approaching, we will most likely feel the intense heat. Honestly, it gets unbearable sometimes. It is important to keep our skin healthy and protected. I cannot stress enough how important sunscreen is.

Some people only apply sunscreen when they go swimming at the beach or pool. But come to think of it, we spend our daily life in the city. We are constantly exposed to the sun's damaging UV rays and pollution everyday of our lives. Prolonged and excessive sun exposure can lead to skin darkening, ageing, even cancer. Pollution, on the other hand, can trigger oxidation and damage skin cells. So how do we protect our skin from these urban aggressors?

Today, I am going to share with you a product you will need to get city-ready skin!

Be City Ready with the NEW Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution!

The NEW Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection is the perfect go-to product for any Filipina who wants to achieve healthy and city-ready skin. It moisturises, protects, and nourishes your skin all day. It is also non-sticky and has light-weight formula.

How can it protect you from the sun?

NEW Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution protects your fairness from the harmful rays of the sun. It contains the following:
  • Glycerin- a natural hydrating substance that provides moisturization which is important for your skin's natural healthy barrier.
  • Niacinamide- essential for maintaining fair and radiant skin. It inhibits the transfer of melanin to the keratinocytes.
  • Vitamin E Extract- an antioxidant that plays a major role in the anti-aging process to keep your skin youthful-looking.

How can it protect you from pollution?

Vaseline continues to make revolutionary products to cater our needs and lifestyle. The NEW Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution lotion has PPF (Pollution Protection Formula). It addresses pollution through two mechanisms: neutralising and blocking pollution. The key ingredients are as follows:
  • Stearic acid- a building block within the stratum corner. It is a key component in the extracellular space.
  • Petroleum Jelly- which does not only trap moisture, but also acts as a protective barrier from any skin damaging matter.

You may get your New Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Protection in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide. It is available with the following pack sizes and SRP's:

100 ml- Php 116.00
200 ml- Php 200.00
350ml- Php315.00

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#IAMCityReady because of Vaseline!


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