How is your 2018 so far? Mine is pretty busy. I cannot imagine that it is only the beginning of April. The past three months has been a roller coaster for me. Mood swings, stress-eating, anxiety, and over-fatigue are the results of being stressed. I even had insomnia, which I have never experienced before. I realised that this is not good anymore. I want to recharge and refresh. I want to spend the rest of the year with a more positive outlook and healthy mind. A resolution might not be too late for me, right? Inspired by Dietitian-Nutrionist Cheshire Que, I will be sharing to you five tips on how I am planning to be physically fit.


1. CATCH UP ON 8 HOURS SLEEP- Especially after a day of hard work, I make sure to reward myself with good sleep. If I cannot catch up on eight hours of sleep, I make sure to squeeze some nap time in the afternoon. I do not know with you, but my body do not function well if I am sleep-deprived. Lack of sleep also contributes to weight gain and mood swings. You will also be likely to get sick because of low immune system. A big no-no!

2. GO EASY ON SWEETS AND FRIED FOOD- If you know me too well, you might think that I'd skip this part. Haha! Well, maybe? Okay, I have to admit that I cannot live without chocolates, cake, ice-cream, and etc. I also love fast food. I sometimes challenge myself with things like "1-week no fast food" or "no soda week". Moderation is the key. Excessive amounts make you cramp, bloat, and may cause a sudden rise and fall on your sugar levels thus affecting your mood.

3. EAT FRESH- There is no substitute for fresh food. You know, I could go for months without eating processed and unhealthy food. But that is quite impossible for me. So I make an effort in getting as much fresh food as I can. Vegetables and fruits are good for your digestive system. They are high in fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants. Instead of eating cookies for snacks, I opt for fruits like oranges, grapes, and bananas. For vegetables, you can stock on these, which are highly recommended by Dietitian-Nutrionist Cheshire Que:

  •  Ampalaya: rich in iron, vitamin B, calcium and has insulin-like properties that help control blood glucose. My grandma always ask me to eat this because I am anaemic.
  •  Malunggay and other dark, leafy vegetables: I owe my love for vegetables to my grandma! These are also rich in iron which boosts and promotes good mood and combats fatigue.
  •  Carrots: high in Vitamin A and betacarotene for a healthy glowing skin and good vision.
  •  Kangkong or Chinese spinach: packed with high amount of calcium for stronger bones. It is loaded with nutrients for every part of your body.
  •  Chayote (we also call this Sayote): full of fiber that promotes digestive health and folate for DNA synthesis and healthy blood cells.

Eat as many vegetables as you can. Your body will thank you for that!

4. TAKE MULTIVITAMINS- especially if your intake of nutrient-rich food is inadequate. That is why I try my best to eat healthily since I am not a fan of drinking supplements. The absence of nutritious food is a red flag. For ladies, an iron supplement may help prevent iron deficiency anaemia for those with heavy menstrual flow. Take multivitamins that have all the necessary vitamins you need.

5. MOVE. MOVE. MOVE!- Do not be a couch potato. There are plenty of physical activities you can do. You have no excuse. As for me, I do not have the luxury of time to go to the gym. What I do is I walk from home to outside our village. I enjoy it even more because of the fresh air. I often go swimming and biking, too.

For ladies, do not use your period as an excuse to exercise. Just drink enough water so you would not feel dehydrated and tired. Use quality sanitary pads to make sure you are worry-fee and fully-protected from leaks. Changing your pad every four to five hours may also ward off bacterial growth that may cause odor. Try using Jeunesse Anion pads! It is made of dirt-free and sterilised virgin pulp which is gentle on skin and can hold a superior amount of liquid. Nothing can stop you from moving, girl!

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Remember, a healthy body means a happy life! 💜


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