NRCE 2018


About NRCE

The National Retail Conference and Expo (NRCE) has been the centrepiece of the PRA’s efforts in helping retailers attain global competitiveness. This annual event has served as the hub for retailers
and partner industries to know about the latest trends, developments and technologies in retailing, providing attendees new and relevant learning year after year for more than two decades.

The NRCE is also a venue for bringing together the key movers and shakers of retail and its allied industries where over 800 major retailers, CEOs and top level executives from various parts of the
country converge.

Back-to-back with the conference is the Stores Asia Expo, the only focused and dedicated retail supplier's exhibition in the Philippines. It brings together in one event those from Retail Solutions, E-Commerce & M-Commerce, Shop fitting & Store Designs, Digital Marketing as well as Retail Marketing.It also serves as the most significant avenue that directly links retail suppliers to their primary market.

With more than 3,000 highly qualified visitors and decision makers, the two day retail suppliers' exhibition is the biggest in the Philippines and is one of the longest running retail suppliers' expo in Asia.


With all the challenges the brick & mortar stores face today, especially from the emergence of the online and digital retail channels, retailers have to reinvent themselves to remain relevant and

It is now time for retailers to step up the ante in their business. Keep up with the pace of the industry and create strategies to meet the current consumer demands, as well as achieve a perennial advantage in an increasingly demanding industry.


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