Mundial Cuisine at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

"At Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, guests can experience lavish comforts that epitomize sophisticated living. This extends from its stylish designs and splendid amenities, to its gracious staff that provide top-notch service that is always warm and sincere. Indeed, the “Distinctly Richmonde. Distinctly Personal.” standard and aspiration of the Richmonde brand continues in at our hotel in Quezon City."

Last October, I was invited by Chef Vic, whom I met during a food event here in Davao, to try out their sample. Eastwood Cafe + Bar is located at the ground floor of the hotel. It has a modern design and cozy vibe. I believe it's newly-renovated, too.

The restobar offers local and international dishes. They make sure that there is something for everyone. In the morning, the setup is different as they serve buffet breakfast for in-house guests and customers. It is also a perfect place for casual dates or business meetings. At night, it tranforms into an ideal setting for an after-work hangout where you can enjoy the nice ambiance, delish food, and fine drinks.

Eastwood Cafe + Bar | Mundial Cuisine

The Mundial Cuisine is a Chef's special offered from September to November. For less than a thousand, you can already enjoy a set meal good for 2 pax. Chef Vic took a lot of time and effort in creating this. Everything is made from scratch and they made sure to use local products. #SupportLokal

Artisan Bread with Flavored Butter, Onion, and Tomato Jam

These are surely healthier versions of jams. The smell and flavor are not too overwhelming. I wish they will sell them in jars because I would definitely buy!

Compressed Watermelon Salad

The watermelon chunks were soaked in pure watermelon juice for hours. This salad is light and refreshing to the palette. The cream cheese balls with nut bits give a mix of taste to balance everything and make it more palatable.

Tortellini Royale Soup

The soup base is made of roasted chicken stock. In my case, it was already cold when I ate this dish (because I had to take photos and everything was served all at once) and I was not able to enjoy it that much. When I took a bite of the tortellini, I remembered the taste of the flour more than its filling. Tip: make sure to eat this when hot.

Australian Lamb Shank in Adobar Sauce

I like the idea that they poured adobo sauce in the Australian Lamb Shank. According to Chef Vic, they prepared the lamb meat and sauce separately. The meat was soft, tender and well-cooked. The sauce has more of a sweet gourmet taste. It is an adobo dish with a twist because of the potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and garlic chips, which are not typically used in a simple Filipino adobo dish.

Adobo without rice is impossible especially for a pinoy like me. But for this, you can totally skip it.

Dessert Melange

So many dessert treats in one plate! Hmm, where do I start? You can pour the basil oil into the vanilla ice cream with pistachio white chocolate. Surprisingly, the flavors complimented each other very well. It was delicious! The spiced walnuts are coated with honey and cayenne pepper. You can eat it together with the meringue. There is also cream cheese topped with cured egg yolk (the yellow shredded bits on the photo). They cured the egg yolk for 3-5 days to get the desired flavor. It somewhat tastes like salted egg and parmesan cheese. I also tried eating the coral sponge, dark chocolate bits, and sliced strawberries all together. I had fun discovering different mix of flavors all in one dish. Amazing how there are a lot of things going on, but each taste never contradicted each other. Truly unforgettable!

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The Mundial Cuisine set meal is available from September to November only. You can also order ala carte. Eastwood Cafe + Bar is open from 6 am to 12 mn.

Richmonde Eastwood Hotel is located at 17 Orchard Road, Eastwood City, Quezon City.
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