Here is a newly-opened Korean chain restaurant and something you can try when you are in SM City Davao!

MR. KIMBOB aims to provide quality Korean health food at affordable prices. This is their 48th store in the Philippines and the first ever here in Mindanao. Most of their stores are located inside the malls and they are also planning to open a stand alone store soon. If you are looking for a restaurant that serves large portions at an affordable price, just head to Mr. Kimbob! The meat are imported from Australia and USA, while the ramen, gochujang (red chili paste) and other ingredients are from Korea. The fresh vegetables are of course produced locally.

BIBIMBOB- You may choose between beef, pork or chicken. This dish comes with one Seoul spice which you can put on top before mixing all the ingredients in the plate. You may also add more meat for only Php20. This is such a huge serving and may be good for two persons. (Bibimbob- P119)

MR. KIMBOB SEOUL SPICE- Just to add, you may also buy this special Bibimbob Sauce for only Php15. Gochujang is made of chili powder, glutinous rice, and meju (fermented soybean) powder. They are proud to say that this is their company's own product. This is also what they are using for the other dishes like the Spicy Korean Rice Cake. I hope this will be sold in a larger bottle. (Seoul Spice- Php15)

BBQ SAMGYUPSAL (BBQ PORK BELLY)- Ah, the famous korean barbeque! You don't need to go to Korean Barbeque restaurants to satisfy your cravings because Mr. Kim Bob offers not just BBQ Samgyupsal but also Kalbisal (Beef Rib Tenders), Dakgalbi (chicken) and etc. You will surely be satisfied with the meal! (BBQ Samgyupsal- P165, also available in spicy flavor)

KIMBOB (Kimchi and beef)- I cannot believe that this is only for Php129! I wish Mr. Kimbob is only 5 minutes away from our house. This will surely be my favorite order for take away. (Kimbob- Php129)

JAPCHAE (with beef)- The noodles are not dry and it's tasty overall. I love how generous they are with the toppings and meat. You may also order the Japchae with egg rice meal for Php119. (Japchae- Php109, Php59, and Beef Japchae Dubbob- Php119)

RAMEN (mild/spicy)- If you know me, you know how much I love ramen and noodles. I just know that I will be ordering this everytime I dine at Mr. Kimbob. They added some rice cake in the ramen which makes it a little special. I hope they can serve this in a bowl instead of a styrofoam. (Ramen- Php125)

SPICY KOREAN RICE CAKE- Also called Tteok-bokki in Korea. The main ingredients are rice cakes, fish cakes, and gochujang. I love how they put a lot of vegetables which makes it healthier to eat. I love the overall taste but be careful if you are not into spicy food because it is really spicy! The sauce used for this dish is the Seoul Spice which I already mentioned earlier. (Tteokbokki- Php129, Php65)

Mr. Kimbob Menu (prices are all the same in any branch in the Philippines)

My overall experience was good! I would give two thumbs up for the overall quality and serving of food. I cannot wait to try the other dishes as well! It would be nice to dine here every now and then, especially that this is the nearest mall from where I live. This is a good option for students, employees, people who are on a tight budget or just anyone who wants to enjoy delicious Korean food at an affordable price.

Mr. Kimbob is located at 2/F, SM City Davao Food Court.

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